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Natural Secrets Of Looking Good With Healthy Skin

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The best skin care regimen involves looking good with healthy skin by paying attention to external and internal factors of the skin. External treatments include usage of suitable skin care products like moisturizing lotions, good quality cleansers and creams. Protection from sun is also a part of External treatment to avoid ageing of the skin due to exposure of UV rays.

However, for long lasting results, you need to concentrate on the internal aspects of skincare for a good skin. A healthy skin is not all about having great skin texture and tone but real skin care would start from inside and thus works in enhancing various aspects of physical appearance.

This article presents you few tips for looking good with healthy skin that are natural and can be simple to integrate them in our daily schedule.

Your skin requires a well-balanced and regular supply of nutrients to remain healthy. A diet comprising of vegetables and fruits have antioxidants which have anti-ageing properties. Foods rich in Vitamins A, C and E like green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits and juices help in overcoming blemishes and blotchiness. They protect from free radicals present in air which affect our skin.

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For looking good with healthy skin, you need to drink lots of water .Drinking 8 glasses of water helps your skin stay hydrated. It helps in removal or flushing of harmful toxins present in your body and assists in the treatment of skin disorders. If water is taken inadequately, then the toxins would build up in your body that would escape from skin pores causing acne and pimples.

It is advisable to cut down the intake of tea, coffee, soft drinks and hot chocolate as you might suffer from greasy spots and tired-looking skin. As these drinks contain caffeine, it prevents your body benefiting from the mineral and vitamins present in your food.

Excessive alcohol intake also causes skin problems as it makes the skin dehydrated. It is advisable to take non-alcohol drink like fruit juice or soda water while drinking alcohol to make your body rehydrate. You can also stick to drinking sensible amounts of alcohol and drink plenty of water while drinking it.

Research also proves that for looking good with healthy skin, you need to avoid smoking as it causes skin ageing. It is proved that smoking reduces the natural elasticity of the skin. This results in breakdown of Collagen which is a protein that helps in strengthening of skin and degrades with age causing wrinkles. Smoking accelerates ageing and reduces the elasticity.

In addition, exposure to heat while burning cigarettes leads to facial skin damage and contributes to wrinkles. Smoking also affects the hair follicles and nail beds that are present in epidermis. So in order to have youthful and healthy skin, it is necessary to quit smoking.

Finally, the basic tip for looking good with healthy skin is having enough quality Sleep. Poor quality sleep will not only make your skin look older and tired, but also make you anxious, irritable and depressed which makes it harder for a good sleep. In order to overcome this, have plenty of yogic exercise, aerobics and swimming so as to create a healthy tiredness to help in having quality sleep.

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