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Top Antiaging Products
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If you have decided to take the step of buying anti-aging products to combat wrinkles, age spots, and crepey skin, then the last thing you want is to risk those products being ineffective.

In most cases, this is utterly avoidable, and to be neglectful is simply a waste of time and money. 

Proper care and storage

If you buy lotions and powders and creams for anti-aging purposes, then you need to be aware that where you store these products is of vital importance. While most people would store them in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, this is probably the worst place you can choose.

The heat and humidity from normal bathroom use that includes a shower can take a terrible toll on your anti-aging products, affecting their potency to a great degree.

You also need to be wary of storing your products where it is bright and sunny. Have you ever noticed how most medicine bottles are dark-colored? It's to keep out the strong light, which can have a deleterious effect on the potency of medications and herbal supplements and lotions and creams.

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Choose wisely

You must choose wisely where to store your anti-aging products, whether you have chosen topical applications like lotions and creams or treatments to be taken internally, like herbal supplements.

These products must be kept from light and heat. Both light and heat can have an adverse effect on the potency of the formulas. Your best bet is to keep your anti-aging products in your bedroom, in a dresser drawer, or perhaps your kitchen, in the cabinet maybe.

When you choose a spot for storing your anti-aging products, you should think about that spot over the course of a full day and night. Is there any point where the sun beats down on that spot? Is that location consistently dry and free from humidity? 

Aged products won't help you look young

Most if not all anti-aging products will be labeled with a use-by date. If not, you should assume the use-by date would be about the same for a similar product.

For example, if you have an anti-aging lotion without a use-by date, then assume that it would be effective only as long as your usual lotion would be. Aged products may begin to break down, changing consistency.

They may become totally ineffectual as they age. If there is no use-by date, keep an eye out for changes in color, scent, or consistency; each of these could indicate a product that has "turned" and is no longer working properly.

There are several key steps to keeping your anti-aging products working as they should. You should always be mindful of where they're kept, avoiding sunlight, heat, or excessive moisture and humidity.

You should also be on the lookout for expired products at risk of becoming ineffectual. Pursing a vigorous anti-aging strategy is admirable, but you must be smart about it.

You've taken the time to choose anti-aging products and you use them regularly; don't be careless about how you keep them, wasting time and money instead of avoiding aging.

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