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Basic Information About Skin Irritation

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Skin Irritation is always unpleasant and embarrassing. They appear in the form of redness, breakouts, dryness and itching. As we come in contact with many things in our daily life, it is hard to know the accurate cause of itch or rash. In this article, you would know information about skin irritation and ways to overcome them.

There are many causes of skin irritations that can be spread in the whole body or in only one location. The most common forms of irritation include aging and dry skin, insect bites, psoriasis, allergic reactions, Dermatitis, contact dermatitis like poison ivy, oak plants, contact irritants in soaps, chemicals or detergents, pregnancy or reactions to medications.

Most of the itching doesn’t require any medical evaluation if you have enough information about skin irritation. They can be treated at home. It is easy for us to identify the cause of itching by looking more closely at the skin to see for stings, rashes, bites, irritation or dry skin. When you have a skin irritation, you can follow few remedies to avoid them.

If you have irritation on your skin, don’t scratch or rub on the itchy areas. It is also advisable to keep your fingernails short to prevent from damaging your skin by constant scratching. For best results, take lukewarm baths by using medicated soaps and rinse on your skin thoroughly. You can apply a soothing lotion to cool and soften the skin after bathing.

Information of skin irritation prove useful to know what allergy or itching you are prone to. You might be allergic to your favorite soap sometimes. It can irritate your skin in many ways like allergic response to dye or fragrance added to it or stripping your skin too much that natural oils needed for skin is lost. In such cases, you can try mild cleansing soaps to avoid irritation.

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Lotions, acne treatments, deodorants and various other products also cause skin irritation due to allergic reaction of hazardous chemicals present in them. As cosmetics contain ingredients like alpha-hydroxy acids and preservatives, they might damage your skin. So it becomes necessary to test the product and discontinue, if any skin irritation occurs.

Few manufacturers have responded to consumers with allergies and have come up with fragrance-free cosmetics and free of additives, preservatives to avoid skin damage. By having information about skin irritation would help you to choose products depending on the chemicals used in cosmetics.

Heat rashes are the most basic cause of skin irritation. It is an outbreak of red lumps or blisters due to excessive sweating. It is created due to blockage of sweat ducts and thus perspiration gets trapped inside. Though these rashes clear up by themselves, you need to avoid sweating, thus preventing from skin irritation.

While you can avoid few skin irritants, you might not avoid clothing as clothing itself becomes a skin irritant due to allergic dyes, abrasiveness of fabric, scratching from fasteners or tags or even bacterial infections from fabric. In such cases, you need to have information about skin irritation to know what type of clothing will suit you to avoid irritation on your skin.

If in all these cases, problem still persists, it is advisable to consult your health care provider.

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